Hi, nice to meet you!

I am Oliver, Innovation & Entrepreneurship student (Antwerp Management School) from Austria and I am ready for my next challenge!


Born & raised in Austria.

I was born and raised in Reith/Kitzbühel, a small area famous for skiing in Austria. I was able to spend my childhood and youth at this peaceful and wonderful part of the world. Until now, I have a strong bond to home and my family.

Doing it my way.

I attended Kitzbühel’s commercial high school (Handelsakademie Kitzbühel) in 2008 and graduated in 2013 with the “Matura” (equivalent to A-levels, GPA: 1.5 on the Austrian grading system).

Since I was 15, I worked during my summer holidays. In 2012, however, I decided to go my own way and started ‘Allbob Media’ with a friend. We created websites, pictures, print and graphic layouts for SMEs in our hometown.

During this early glimpse of entrepreneurship, I realized the immense value of creating something by myself.

Vienna calling.

After high school, I decided to move and study in Vienna. After a short intermezzo, studying Political Science, I enrolled for the bachelor course ‘Management & Entrepreneurship’ at Vienna University of Applied Sciences (FHWien) in 2014.

At the very same time, I professionalized my website side business and started working on more digital marketing projects (especially social media, content marketing etc.), allowing me to officially found an own company.

In 2017, I graduated with honors from my Bachelor’s in Vienna. (GPA 1.6 according to the Austrian grading system).

Can't stand still.

Since high school, I’ve been working on several projects, those are some ‘private’ projects, I am still involved in:

In 2012, as my final high school project, I launched an own eyewear brand, called Kitzbühel Eyewear, together with my dad. Handmade frames, produced in Italy and till now being successfully sold in the heart of the Austrian Alps.

In 2015, I put most of my resources in helping my mother starting her new business, a kitchen & lifestyle store called Dekothek. I was responsible for her multi-channel strategy and business planning.

In 2016 I started the platform “Herzregion” together with a friend. Herzregion enables SMEs to have a professional online presence and offers support for their digital marketing. In addition, Herzregion attempts to reinforce conscious consumer behavior with regard to regional products and local shopping.

Even though I would have earned much more with being a digital marketing and multimedia freelancer, I dedicated myself 100% to Herzregion. Setting up and running my own ‘startup-like-business’ has taught me a great sense of responsibility but has also enhanced my creative problem solving capabilities. I still enjoy working on this project every day and I am happy to bring my gathered skills and knowledge to future projects and opportunities.

Visit herzregion.at


Soft Skills:

leadership, presenting, dedicated selling, mentoring & coaching, motivating, organizing, strategic & structured thinking, making decisions;

Hard Skills:

strategic marketing, business modelling, design thinking, storytelling, digital content creation, entrepreneurial strategy, copywriting and press releases, social media, SEO/SEA, wordpress, adobe cc, different online tools;

Please find a structured list of all my experience on my CV

>>> download CV

As you might have noticed, I don’t really fit in to a regular 9-5 job. I am looking for an opportunity, where I can work both in a team, but still am responsible for what I do. Creating an impact is most important to me.

The fields where I see myself are:

Innovation Consulting, Digital Project Management/Consulting, Corporate Innovation, (Digital and Growth) Marketing, Business Development.

Companies I’d like to work for:

(Tech) startups and scale-ups, digital/innovation consultancies, innovation think tanks and institutions, corporate ventures or innovation departments in corporates.

Basically ready when you are, preferably in September 2018.

I love my current projects, but they are too small-scale for me to fully focus on them right now. However, my aim is to be an entrepreneur and start a business on my own (again). During the past months I realized, that I want and need to gain more professional experience in a dynamic and international working environment to reach my goal.

Preferably, I want to start working in Belgium, while I am of course willing to travel. Most important for me is an international working environment. Furthermore, if there is the possibility to work as a bridge to German-speaking countries, I might add value to your organization.

The importance of learning.

Even though, I spent most of my ‘professional life’ working on own projects, I know how important it is to learn from others. Therefore, I’ve been doing different internships during the past years:

In 2014 I worked as a real estate intern in an agency (Private Residences) for high-end property in Kitzbühel. In 2016 I did an internship for two months at Advantage Austria in Washington DC, the commercial section of the Austrian embassy. From October 2016 until spring 2017 I worked as a marketing intern at hokify, a promising mobile recruitment startup located in Vienna.

During all those internships, I not only learned a lot about organizations of different sizes and in different industries, but also about myself and my approach of working.

Innovating myself in Antwerp.

In September 2017 I decided to leave Austria for my next challenge and started the Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship program at the renowned Antwerp Management School.

During the last months I learned more, especially about myself, than I would’ve ever imagined before coming to Belgium. The time has come to decide about the next phase of my life and I could not be more excited!

Ready for the next chapter.

I am now ready for the next challenge! If my professional profile matches your requirements, I'd be happy to get to know you.

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